We are a group of 4 mummies who started Adventure Monday as an alternative mums group.

Spot the difference – Taking photos with kids 😳

Here is a brief introduction about each family. 


I love being creative and exploring new things, so when a friend of mine suggested starting up an Adventure Group like she had done when her children were younger – the idea of embarking on a new adventure each week with my two children and friends was too good to not go ahead with! My son and daughter love Adventure Monday’s, playing with their friends and doing fun things. It’s a highlight of my week too, catching up with my Mum friends and doing life together.


Hi Guys,

So I am Nat (aka Natalia). I have 4 loud, very social, sometimes drive you crazy kids aged 7,  3 ½, 2 ½ and 10 months. But I would not change it for the world!

I have an incredible husband who puts up with a lot (living with the in laws for 3 1/2 years so pretty much deserves a medal). Even though they are incredible it absolutely takes a toll! 

I love coffee, meeting new people, brainstorming another new business idea, more coffee, food, playing sport, trying new things, dancing and playing at the new Margaret Mahy park. Yes I have more fun than my kids! Cannot wait for the new giant swirl slide! Bring it on! And finishing with another coffee….. 

How I joined the Monday Morning Adventures group… Well I know Kate very well, we are actually somehow related…go figure. We were having morning tea one day and she mentioned possibly getting together with a few mums and doing an adventure somewhere. I replied “YES! I’m in!” Who does not like a good adventure!

So Adventure Mondays were born and journeys began, cannot wait to keep you all posted. Make sure you try some out with your friends and kids, so worth doing, you never know what is in your own back yard…


Ki ora, I’m Julia

My husband George and I have been blessed with two boys. Our oldest is 3 and our youngest son is almost 12 months.

Before my husband and I had children I coached tennis. I found this so rewarding as it involved two of my favourite things, sport and working with children! 

I then went on to graduate as a preschool teacher and I remember agreeing with another student when she said “when I have children I reckon I’d be pretty confident in knowing the best techniques to respond to any situation my child had to throw my way.” (Boy was I wrong!)

It was not long after our youngest son was born we decided I would take a break from the juggling kids and work thing. This meant I was able to join this incredible group of mums on Adventure Monday’s! 

It has been so refreshing sharing this journey together and what better way to do it than giving our children these amazing learning opportunities in the process! 


Hi, I’m Delwyn, and I’m lucky Mummy No. 5 to join this great group @ Adventures on a Monday. Here I am with my two children, aged 10 & 2. As a family we enjoy the sun and the snow, and spend as much time as possible in both.


I have 4 boys (3 kids and a husband) who are my full time job. We love camping, being outdoors and exploring our ‘big backyard’. I never realised I would find being a mummy hard but I do. Adventure Monday has given us a positive start to the week and something to look forward to with my boys. 

Check out our first post below to find out more about me and how this all came about.