The Woodlands Cafe

Monday 3 July

This morning we headed to The Woodlands Cafe out in North Canterbury. 

(16 Ashworths Beach Road, Leithfield, just off SH1 and about 10 minutes drive south of Amberley.)

This cafe is set up for families. It is a perfect spot to head with a playgroup as they cater really well for the kids. Inside they have a nice a big room with large tables for big groups and space for the kids to roam.

 There are interesting animals to look at,

And a great play space set up with toys and  colouring pages for the young ones and a movie for older kids. 

Outside they have a big space for running around as well as a playground, including a flying fox, swings, and a massive castle play hut with a slide and climbing wall. 

Another awesome feature at The Woodlands is the free petting zoo which has farmyard animals like rabbits, kunekune and shetland ponies, as well as llamas and goats for kids to pet and feed (animal food is available from inside the cafe for $3/bag).

There are lots of picnic tables outside but they do ask you not to bring your own food along. Keep an eye out on their Facebook page for special deals. Today was free fluffies for under 5s. 

Natalia thought ahead and brought some cool aeroplanes along with her for the kids to make up and play with. 

They were a massive hit and the kids had heaps of fun flying them round. 

Whose went the furthest?

Round the back of the cafe there is also a 9 hole mini golf course and a carousel. The mini golf is open all day and the carousel runs at 11am, 1pm and 2pm (during school holidays. You will have to check times during the term). These cost $5 per person. 

Lots of areas to explore and animals to spot
So if you are after a family friendly stop on the way up the coast or want to head out for a drive then The Woodlands is a perfect place to bring the kids while the adults enjoy a coffee. 


Adventure Tip: bringing along an activity keeps the kids entertained that little bit longer. 


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