Adventure Monday Rocks!

Monday 29th May

For today’s adventure we took part in “Rangiora Rocks”. The idea of this is for the local community to get creative by painting rocks! Then you can hide/gift your rock in and around the community in the hope of making someone’s day that extra bit special. If you find one you can take it and hide it in a new spot or replace it with one of your own.

Timaru Rocks found at our local playground

One our crew found a ‘Timaru Rocks’ rock at our local playground in Woodend last week so we thought it would be a cool idea to create some ‘Adventure Monday Rocks’.

What better place to find rocks than at the river?

We all met at the picnic area by the Ashley River where our first mission was to collect our rocks.

We all walked alongside the river until we came to the bridge where we found a safe spot to explore.

We enjoyed throwing rocks to make big splashes!

There was also a bit of a competition to see how far we could throw the rocks.

Then we searched for a couple of rocks each to take back with us to paint.

It was a short walk back to the picnic spot but the children did so well at persisting in carrying rocks and climbing back up the river bank.

Time to get messy!

Everyone joined in at creating art using a lot of paint…

The rocks turned out great!

We then enjoyed some srummy homemade pikelets with jam and a BBQ!

To be continued… (In the near future we will head out to hide our art rocks)


Adventure Tip: painting is heaps of fun but it is also messy! Find your favourite outdoor spot and take the paints with you. Paint leaves, paint rocks, just remember some wet wipes and you’re sorted. Being outside is great inspiration.



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