The Apple Orchard

Monday 15 May

Sometimes Adventure Mondays start off as an adventure before the actual “adventure” has begun.

On this particular Monday we all had one of those mornings. I accidently put diesel in my petrol van on the way to school….so before 10am I had to take the van to the garage with 4 kids, watch it get drained, then frantically race to school to drop off our 8 year old before getting to Adventure Monday!

Kate also had an adventurous start as she could not find her keys anywhere. She had to ring her husband who had to come home from work and rescue her!

Poor Charlie had a 5 year old who had a complete meltdown at school drop off.

And Mel was off having her own adventure on her first school visit for her eldest who is growing up way too fast!

We all have different adventures throughout mum life!

Despite the drama we managed to all make it only 15 minutes late, which to all our credit was a great achievement!

It was a stunning crisp morning as we made our way through the orchard with gumboots on, plastic bags over our shoulders and smiles on our faces!

We are so lucky in New Zealand that we have such easy access to PYO orchards if you hunt for them and at only $5 a supermarket bag it was a bargain!

The kids had a great time picking from 3 varieties of apples, they were all delicious!

The kids enjoyed munching away on them as they picked and I am not going to lie, a few did get biffed for a better juicier looking apple. Apple pie I hear you calling.

We had so much fun and everyone enjoyed running around, filling their bags with sweet smelling apples!

We then headed to my mums house for a bit of surprise birthday cake (Kate’s Birthday) and hot chocolates before donning our gummi’s again and heading under the pine trees to stock our woodsheds with pinecones.

It was a slight fail however as there actually were hardly any pinecones around, even our secret spot had been cleared.

So we opted to play in the tree house and leave the pinecone hunt for another Adventure Monday!

Until next Monday!

Nat x
Note of the day: Life is full of unexpected adventures!


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