Bath Bombs

Monday 22nd May

Getting 4 children out the door and into car is such an effort! Today was one of those mornings I actually couldn’t be bothered leaving the house. Everyone seemed to have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed. But I’m glad I made the effort, fought them out the door and brought them kicking and screaming to Natalia’s house because we had such a fun morning and foul moods were soon forgotten!

Natalia had made bath bombs for her sons birthday party over the weekend and thought it would be a fun idea for us to make together.

Kids love measuring out ingredients, experimenting with colour and getting a bit messy and this activity incorporates the lot.

We made up 3 batches then separated the mixture out into individual bowls so each child could colour theirs how they wanted.

We added glitter as well to add some sparkle. In theory this was a good idea except when we all baths that night and the kids ended up covered in glitter. This required an additional shower and a lot of scrubbing to somewhat get the glitter off. I’m sure girls would love it however some older brothers weren’t so happy heading off to school the next day covered in glitter!

Once all the food colouring was mixed through and glitter added we put the mixture into silicone muffin trays to set and dry out.

(See link at the end for a more detailed recipe)

Us mums did a quick clean up before getting out the next lot of ingredients. This time for waffles.

Helping in the kitchen is always such fun.

Waffles are so quick and easy. They are not just a treat for breakfast but also make a great morning or afternoon tea especially if you have friends round.

Lunch sorted for the day.

Thanks Nat for yet another awesome Monday adventure at your place!


Click the picture below to take you to the bath bomb recipe we used.


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