Gondola Ride

Monday 8th May

One Monday adventure last year we headed into Christchurch City and went for a trip on the tram (Tram Ride Through The City). There is an awesome deal where for $65 you can purchase an unlimited year’s pass that gets you (1 adult) onto the tram and also the gondola. Under 5s are free on both. I have personally used our pass many times throughout the year! There is a tram stop close to the Margaret Mahy playground so we often head there for a play then walk down to the tram, do a loop then head home. But before our passes expire we thought we better head up the gondola together.

Heathcote domain

We decided to meet at a playground first as we are driving in from North Canterbury so getting rid of some energy is a good idea before sitting some more in the gondola.

Literally just round the corner from the gondola is Heathcote domain. It has a fabulous playground and we ended up spending an hour playing there.

Everyone had a turn on the merry go round
Fun flying fox
Even a creek for the boys to get wet in

We probably could have just spent the morning at the playground we were having so much fun. But the gondola was our destination.

Couldn’t wait to get on

A ride up the gondola is $28 per adult so a years pass is worth it if you think you’ll head up again. If you happen to lose your pass or forget to bring it along, don’t worry! When you sign up, your details go into their system so they are able to look you up and you’re good to go.

Heading up the hill

At the top there are lots of things to explore. There is an observation deck that runs right round the complex with views out over Christchurch in one direction and Lyttleton Harbour in the other.

Looking out over Lyttleton Harbour

There is a short 7 minute ride called Time Tunnel that takes you on a journey through the history of Banks Peninsula and the early Christchurch settlers.

On the Time Tunnel ride

If you are feeling extra adventurous you are able to walk back down the hill on the bridal path, the path that the early settlers walked when they arrived in Lyttleton and ventured over the hill into Christchurch. Or, like we did, you can venture outside, clamber over rocks and take in the views.

Picnic with a view

If you forget a picnic or are after a nice cup of coffee there is a cafe at the top with a nice big area for the kids.

For more information about the gondola and tram pass we purchased Click here.

Heading back down

It was a great morning out!


Adventure Tip: look for yearly attraction passes in your local city and make the most of them! Usually only have to go there 2-3 times to have paid it off then you have a fun free activity to do on those days when you just have to get out of the house!



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