Adventure Monday: The Who, Why and Where

I have 3 boys. My eldest had just turned 3 when my youngest was born. To say that I am run off my feet is an understatement! Life is busy. Life is messy. Life is pretty hard most days! I love my little rascals like crazy. They are loud, tough, rough, full on, kind, compassionate, sweet, lovable, spirited, and full of energy! They seem to have so much energy and testosterone surging through them I go crazy containing them inside for any length of time. My 2 year old is especially hard and he is the reason Adventure Monday came about.

My good friend Kate and I met at a mums group.  Mums group is fabulous. Such a supportive and encouraging group of woman journeying together through this wild ride of motherhood. I needed the social interaction with other mums who got it. Who got the meltdowns, the tantrums, the fussy eaters, the need for coffee and chocolate. I needed this group but the format just wasn’t working. As my 2 year old became more independent these mornings became more stressful than it was worth. Instead of enjoying a nice catch up with other mummies I was running around playing referee, dragging him off other kids and constantly apologizing for his behaviour. It wasn’t fun anymore. It wasn’t fair either. It wasn’t his fault. He’s 2 and he’s learning and I was putting him in a situation that was too much for him.

One day while walking our eldest boys home from preschool I shared my frustration with Kate. I wasn’t coping but I needed my social interaction and I needed my boys to learn appropriate social interaction in an environment that gave them room to move, explore, investigate and grow. She was having similar feelings and told me about a group she had heard of who do adventure mornings. Instead of meeting at someone’s house for a coffee the morning is focused on the kids experiencing new and exciting activities, preferably outside, keeping them engaged whilst we get our adult fix. I jumped onboard immediately and the next Monday Adventure Monday was born.

There are 4 of us mummies who make up Adventure Monday, along with 8 boys and 2 girls. The key to a successful adventure group, unfortunately, is keeping the numbers down. Too many kids and it becomes unmanageable and limits the things you can do. So we are starting this blog to encourage other mummies out there to grab a couple of other mums and start your own adventure group with your kids. Social interaction doesn’t have to be limited to someone’s lounge or a cafe. If your kids are anything like mine these settings are probably counter productive to your wellbeing anyway. So follow along and get some ideas of what to do and where to go. We are based in North Canterbury but I’m sure if you live elsewhere you can find similar spots in your neighborhood to explore.

Join us as we start the week off on a positive note and foster adventurous spirits and caring relationships; creating fun and lasting memories of childhood for our kids. Happy adventuring.


Have you been on any adventures with your kids? Got any fun ideas for us to try? Comment below or pop over to our Facebook page and share them with us. We may feature your idea one Monday. 


2 thoughts on “Adventure Monday: The Who, Why and Where

  1. Just love reading about these adventures. Such fantastic, real and meaningful experiences that provide for rich language and creative opportunities for all the children involved. Providing great platforms for their future schools to build on! Keep up the awesome work. You are doing a wonderful job.

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